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What are best medicines for Urinary tract infection(UTI)?
Urinary tract infection is a type of infection which occur in any part of our urinary system; bladder, urethra, kidney.  As per the research, it can greater in women than men.

Some sign of UTI is a smell of urine, cloudy color urine, pelvic pain, burning sensation when urinating, urging in urination etc.

A lady's body adapts to a ton as it adjusts and changes through the span of a lifetime. And the hardships of managing monthly cycle, pregnancy, labor and inevitable menopause, another of life's diseases you can hope to confront are urinary tract contaminations or UTIs. 

Urinary tract diseases (UTIs) are very basic in ladies of any age. Truth be told, your chances of getting one are as high as one of every two, and lamentably, you can presumably hope to get a couple amid your lifetime. Men can likewise get UTIs, yet it is less regular with the chances ascending to one out of 20 amid their lifetime. 

A little level of youngsters likewise get UTIs and these will probably be not kidding — particularly in more youthful kids. 

As the name proposes, a urinary tract contamination can introduce itself anyplace inside the urinary framework which involves the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. 

Your urinary framework is composed so that there is a negligible danger of genuine contamination in the kidneys. This is finished by keeping pee from streaming go down into the kidneys from the bladder. 

Fortunately, while urinary tract contaminations remain kept to the bladder and urethra, they are effectively treatable and not genuine or perilous. It's the point at which they make a beeline for and make it to the kidneys that another arrangement of issues must be managed

So firstly we take plenty of water to get rid of this infection, maintain hygiene etc. Alkasol syrup is also be taken to neutralize the acid present in urine, it is also a taken in the Urinary tract infection.

Secondly, if the problem would not be resolved then we consult with the doctor and he will take a urine sample to check that you have a UTI or not. The urine culture process will take 2 to 3 days to find out the infection and accordingly the best antibiotics for urinary tract infection should be prescribed by the doctor. 

There are some lists of best medicine for Urinary tract Infection which generally need to take

v Cephalexin
v Ciprofloxacin
v Ampicillin
v Ceftriaxone
v Levofloxacin
v Nitrofurantoin
v Fosfomycin
v Trimethoprim